Any person professionally involved in scientific studies related to any aspect of environmental radioactivity is entitled to become a member of SPERA. All members are entitled to voting privileges and are bound by the constitution of SPERA

Applications for membership need to be sponsored by two members of SPERA and require the approval of the committee. Membership information can be obtained by contacting the current SPERA secretary, or via other SPERA committee members.

Annual membership subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer of SPERA, generally on January 1 of each year. Approved SPERA members can pay membership subscriptions either directly to the treasurer, or (preferably) using “PayPal” via the “Pay Membership” button on the top of this page. Note that there are no additional charges for members using using “PayPal”, this service is provided free to members by SPERA.




Annual Fees

There are currently three grades of membership: Professional, Associate and Corporate.

Professional membership: $AUD 75

Associate membership: $AUD 20
Associate membership is available to students, unemployed or retired members, and members from developing countries.

Corporate membership: $AUD 1000
Corporate Membership provides representation and the opportunity to engage SPERA members at SPERA events and at the SPERA bi-annual general meeting.