SPERA Membership

Approved SPERA members can now pay membership online. Unless you have been notified to the contrary, all past SPERA members can consider themselves as approved members and may pay their membership online.

New members MUST receive membership approval prior to paying subscription online.

Note that payment of membership does not equal approval.

To pay your membership:

Select the appropriate membership category that you wish to pay, fill in your Given and Family names, your current membership number in the “Membership Number” box and click on the button to pay your membership. Note that payment can be processed without either box being filled in, but filling in the boxes will allow us to ensure that we correctly identify exactly who the membership payment is for.

The button will take you to our customized page on the “PayPal” website, where you can complete the payment transaction. This allows secure payment via your credit card (PayPal accepts VISA and Mastercard credit cards), or, if you already have a PayPal account you can direct debit from your account. It is very easy, but will take a few minutes if you are new to PayPal.

You will recieve confirmation e-mails from both PayPal and SPERA once payment has been processed.